The Financial Education Foundation of Anne Arundel County (FEF) was established in 2014 and is committed to providing forward-thinking and objective financial education and practical information to those who may not normally have access to it.

FEF offers pro-bono financial literacy seminars in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

FEF program content includes:

  • goal setting
  • basic estate planning considerations
  • cash flow, budgeting and saving
  • basic principles of investing
  • consumer debt considerations
  • “risk protection”- what insurance(s) do you need
  • how to effectively utilize your company-sponsored retirement plan
  • funding college education
  • saving vs. paying off debt
Such financial education is provided primarily to underserved, disadvantaged, and/or at-risk groups and individuals with less means to access relevant financial education otherwise. In today’s environment, it is most often those in most need of financial literacy are those who can either least afford it, don’t know where to find it or, simply don’t know the questions to ask, nor whom to turn to.
FEF’s leadership and instructors are simply members of the local community who realize the need for increased “financial literacy” , more than appreciate the circumstances aforementioned, and want to do their small part to assist.
Our services do not include on-going financial counseling.

To find out more about upcoming seminars or to schedule one of our speakers at your next event, please CONTACT US TODAY!!