FEF Page Headers

As a  501(c)(3), The Financial Education Foundation of Anne Arundel County has a main focus and purpose to provide “basic” financial education to selected groups; in order that they might more effectively make prudent and proactive financial decisions.


Those that are most in need of financial education are, in many instances,the least able to access it, as it’s not offered as part of a formal curriculum in our public school system. Moreover, the potential beneficiaries of such education are not aware of its importance and, therefore, are not proactive in seeking it out.

Our Mission

To provide objective and credible financial information to individuals of all backgrounds and income levels, focusing on the underserved and at risk populations, in order to enable and inspire them to make prudent financial decisions that will serve to improve their quality of life and financial well-being. Priority will be given to distressed and underprivileged audiences with less means to access relevant financial education otherwise.

Program Content
examples of subject matter

Basic estate planning considerations, goal setting, budgeting, saving, and credit considerations, mutual funds and ETF’s-what are they, how to use them, risk protection – what insurance(s) do you need and why, how to effectively utilize your company-sponsored retirement plan, funding a college education-who pays, saving vs. paying off debt.

Program “Sponsors”

Corporations, municipalities, high schools, senior citizen organizations and living facilities, and charitable groups/service providers.

Program/Seminar Presenters

Members of “FEF” and/or its Board, fiduciary financial Advisors, other objective resources/volunteers.